Covid-19: What we are doing to open up and keep safe

The open space and beaches make Low Steads an ideal place to enjoy a safe break. We are happy to welcome guests back to our cottages after the 12th of April.

Below you can find detailed information about what we will provide for you and some changes we have had to make following Government guidance due to Coronavirus.

These changes are designed to keep you safe as well as the cleaning team and ourselves.

We can only accommodate households/support bubbles according to government regulation at the time of your holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure your booking complies with these rules. If you have any queries about this please get in touch.

We also need to ask for names and contact details of all guests for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes.

If you or any member of your household are showing symptoms of Coronavirus before you leave, we would ask you not to travel to the cottage. You must isolate at home and take a test. 

We will ask you to take your responsibility around the cottages and local area. Please follow government guidance by always social distancing and washing/sanitising hands particularly around shared areas such as the coal house or log store. 

If someone in your party displays symptoms of Covid-19 whilst staying in the cottage. We should be informed straight away, you should isolate and request a test. If Covid-19 is confirmed, the whole party should return home if you reasonably can. 

We will do our best to provide you with a clean, safe and comfortable cottage for your holiday.

A Risk Assessment has been written and put into action (please ask if you would like to see a copy).

In line with industry guidance (PASK UK) we have adopted Covid 19 Holiday Let Cleaning Protocols.

The cottages will look slightly different as we have taken out non-essential items to allow efficient cleaning (books, games etc).

There will be more signage for everyone’s safety.

To facilitate the extra cleaning/sanitising we will ask you to arrive slightly later (4pm) and leave slightly earlier (9am).

We have an industry accreditation, see above.

We have bought a fogging machine to sanitise all surfaces after cleaning.

Things to expect on arrival

  • The information you would normally find in the welcome folder specific to the cottage you are staying in will now be sent prior to your stay by email or can be printed off for your use only. It has useful information and telephone numbers.
  • The door, with your name card on it, will be open for you when you arrive and the keys on the hook next to the door.
  • Louise or one of the family will be up to welcome you and answer any initial questions at an appropriate social distance!
  • Unfortunately we have had to make the arrival time 4pm rather than the usual 3pm, this is to give us more time during changeover.


  • Please do let me know exactly how many beds you would like made up as we like to be efficient with our energy use.
  • Appropriate weight duvets are on the bed depending on the season, if you would rather have a different tog duvet, please let us know.
  • We provide two pillows and the protectors are washed every changeover. Please let me know if you would rather bring your own pillow(s).
  • Please bring your own hairdryer at this time.
  • Of course we want you to be comfortable and cosy, if you need an extra blanket do ask.


  • We will provide hand soap, two toilet rolls and a bath mat.
  • Could we please ask you to bring your own towels both for using in the cottage and for the use at the beach.


  • We have had to take all the games and books out to make cleaning more efficient, if you are in need of entertainment one night and would like a game of scrabble, cards or dominoes, just ask!
  • There will be a bucket next to the stove with some kindling, matches and 7 firelighters.
  • We provide logs and smokeless fuel free of charge from the external log store and coal house. Please use this responsibly and follow social-distancing and hand sanitising guidelines as these are a shared resource with all the cottages.


  • We will leave a little welcome pack of tea, coffee and sugar sachets, some home baking, a pint of milk (in a bottle!), dog treats, and some fresh flowers unless you ask us not to.
  • Please be aware of other guests, social-distancing and hand sanitising, when using the outside wheelie bins for your rubbish.
  • In the kitchen you will find oven gloves and a tea towel.
  • We will leave a housekeeping bucket for you which includes: washing up liquid, cloths, pot scrub, kitchen roll, bin bags, tin foil, 7 dishwasher tablets, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray. (Please do not use bleach as it will upset the septic tank)

Things to expect on departure

  • Again the departure time is now 9am, this will help us with changeover.
  • Could we please ask you:
  1. To open all the windows
  2. To empty all of the bins and put in the appropriate wheelie bin.
  3. To please strip the linen (pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers) off the beds and put them in the bag provided.
  4. If you have things to wash in the dishwasher after breakfast, please rinse them under the tap and load into the dishwasher, but do not start the wash cycle. We load the dishwasher with all crockery, cutlery and glassware and run it on a full cycle during changeover.

We hope you have a great holiday at Low Steads. If you need anything or have a question, do give us a call, we are usually around or will get back to your message as soon as we can. 01665 577623.