Aerial Photos

Here are some aerial photos of Low Steads Farm

Our aerial photos show the holiday cottages, farm and surrounding buildings. As you can see we have a fantastic location.

Low Steads Farm is situated just outside of Longhoughton Village, near Alnwick, approximately 4 miles from the main A1.

As you can see in these aerial photos we are so lucky to be within a short walk of some of the most magnificent beaches Northumberland has to offer and within driving distance of some great attractions, spectacular scenery and a wealth of things to do.

It doesn’t matter if you want a relaxing holiday, an active break or just want to soak up the scenery…. Low Steads and Northumberland has it all.

Aerial Photos

The Holiday Cottages

Have a look at our four holiday cottages and choose which one you would like to stay in for your perfect holiday at Low Steads

We have an enviable reputation at Low Steads for providing comfortable, well appointed accommodation at great prices. Our self-catering holidays are sure to make your stay with us one that is both enjoyable and affordable.